Goa is the most important tourist destination in India. If you want to visit Goa in 2022, you'll need to build a list of the best sites to see so that you may save time and have the most memorable experiences. This guide will surely help you locate Goa's most adventurous and fascinating venues.

These places will make your stay in Goa the most joyful possible by not only creating the appropriate mood but also providing the ideal sources of entertainment. The sites listed below have been organized for the readers' convenience. If you're planning a trip to Goa, these are the sights you must see at all costs to make your trip a success. To make the most of your trip, book a stay at the W Goa rooms for family

Goa offers one of the greatest nightlife scenes in India, with fashionable pubs, beach shacks, sophisticated cafés, and several clubs and discotheques. Goa is especially ideal for younger travelers with limited funds, thanks to the state's cheaper alcohol prices.

This could help those of us who are always confused between North and South Goa: the state of Goa is divided into North and South Goa. While North Goa is known for its nightlife and is home to all of the touristic beaches, flea markets, and beach shacks, South Goa is known for its opulent resorts and laid-back lifestyle.


With a significant number of tourists, this is one of Kovai's most popular tourist spots. It's important to remember that Open Theatre is a fantastic café that can routinely draw a huge crowd. It may provide traditional Goan food as well as drinks. The atmosphere is fantastic. At the same time, at sunset, this position is breathtaking. This is also Goa's best party destination, with legendary late-night parties. This pub has a fantastic assortment of cocktails and mocktails. You will surely enjoy your time here to the maximum extent possible.

Beach of Calangute

It is Goa's largest beach, running across the northern part of the state. It is a great place to visit and Goa's most popular tourist attraction. The bulk of visitors flock to this place to interact with the magnificent dolphins that call this region home.

This beach also has fantastic cafés and nightclubs, adding to the excitement of tourists visiting Goa. The sunset is exceptionally beautiful, making it a perfect place to spend time in the evening. Several traditional folk dances and singing competitions are organised for the tourists' entertainment even at night.There are a number of  W Goa rooms for family where you can book your stay and enjoy a comfortable holiday. 

Aguada Fort

In Goa, it is a well-known and artistic seventeenth-century Portuguese fort. On the rear, there is a big windmill, which is historically noteworthy. It is India's most important feature since it faces the Arabian Sea. There are many additional beautiful gardens around this lovely spot with a diverse selection of flowers. It even has a 17th-century lighthouse that was used by seamen to find a harbour at night. The bulk of people flock to this site because it was formerly supposed to be haunted during the American Revolution.

Falls of Dudhsagar

It is the tallest waterfall in India, and it is as white as milk. It's an incredible sight to see. Approximately millions of people go to Goa only for its scenic beauty. Visitors who come to observe the waterfalls and sample Goa's traditional food have transformed the area into a picnic spot. The Grand Hyatt Goa is a lovely place to stay and eat. Visiting this place during the rainy season is best avoided since the water level is frequently beyond the safety threshold, posing a risk to tourists. You may visit the tribal hertz that surround this spot and capture great photos.

Beach at Anjuna

This is Goa's trendiest beach, where you may enjoy a variety of water activities. Near this beach, there are many sorts of skilled persons who perform water sports and water adventure activities. You may also go river rafting while watching the streamers and yachts pass by.

It is known for its extravagant night events that are impeccably glammed up and lavishly furnished. It's also known as the "Golden Coast" because of the spectacular sunsets it gives visitors every evening. For tourists' pleasure, there are several live music cafés located near this magnificent beach.

Fort Chapora

If you've seen the 2004 film Dil Chahta Hai, you're probably familiar with Goa's stunning and breathtaking scenery. It is one among Goa's most popular tourist destinations, with millions of visitors each year. It is situated atop a cliff and holds significant historical significance. It is the ideal blend of sea and sand.

It's a type of Fun Island that's encircled on all sides by water. You literally go to this Fort on a moving boat, which is a thrilling experience for most tourists that come to see it. It is an exciting site to visit, and you will thoroughly enjoy your time there.

Bom Jesus Basilica

It is Goa's ideal religious location, as well as the oldest church. It's quite remarkable, and you'll discover a lot of dedication and calm here at the same time. In the church's backyard, there stands a massive idol of Lord Jesus.

It has the ability to bring a great deal of significance to the table. In the summer, this is the finest area to come because the weather is so lovely. So, what are you waiting for to pay this site a visit today?


These are the top Goa tourist attractions. It's an incredible spot where you may make many wonderful memories. So, theoretically, this is the finest list of places to see in order to make your vacation as memorable as possible.